Major Events in Israel and the Middle East

Updated a couple of times of the week this update covers the most important events taking place in Israel and the Middle East. It is authored by Marc Schulman- You can share the direct URL


July 22,My View on the Iran Agreement and the Actions of AIPAC and J- Street

July 14, Israeli Reaction to Iran Agreement

July 10, 2015 One Year Since the War

July 1, 2015 ISIS to the South

June 26,2015- Events Far From Tel Aviv

June 19, 2015- Will the Crisis of the Druze Force Israel to become Invovled in the Syrian Civil War

June 12, 2015 A very Confusing Week in Israel

June 3, 2015- President Obama Speaks to the Israeli People

May 26, 2015 Ground Hog Summer, Missile fired at Ashdod

May 22, 2015 Obama Speaks in Washington and Gives an Interview My “Aha moment"

May 15, 2015 New Government Sworn In

May 6, 2015 Netanyahu Forms Government at the Last Moment

May 3, 2015 Ethiopian Demonstration Turns Violent

May 1, 2015- Israel Nepal and its Critics

4/22/15 Yom Haatsmaut 2015

4/21/15 Yom Hazikaron

April 15, 2015 Yom Hashoah and Israeli Identity

April 9, 2015 Israelis React to Iran Framework Agreement

April 1 2015 Negotiations in Lausanne the View From Tel Aviv

3/24/15 Israelis Accept Election Results White House Does Not

March 18, 2015 The Morning After Netanyahu Wins Big

March 17, 2015, Initial Election Results

March 16, 2015 The Day Before the Elections

March 13, 2015 The Last Weekend

March 10, 2015Could the Likud Be Imploding?

March 7, 2015 Rabin Square Rally

March 6, 2015 Interview with Ayman Odeh

March 3, 2015 Netanyahu's Speech to Congress

February 25, 2015 Housing Report -Election Update

2/17/15 New Scandal- Election Update

February 10, 2015 Latest on Israeli Elections

February 3, 2015 Making Sense of the 2015 Israeli Elections

Janaury 27,2015 Tension in the North- Election Update

Janaury 21, 2015 Terror in Tel Aviv

January 20, 2015 Tensions Very High in the North

January 13, 2015 Paris and the Implications for Jews and for the World

January 8, 2015 MK Stav Shaffir- An Interview

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