American Teen

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Video Reviews
American Teen
Reviewed by Marc Schulman


American Teen tells the story of group of five high school seniors in Indiana.  The movie depicts live a diverse group of students from the popular rich prom queen, to the jock, the rebel and geek.  It is suppose a window into the world of high school.  I shared this movie with my 16-year-old daughter who goes to school in Manhattan.  Her claim is that the scenes depicted in the movie are not real life, and it does not really show what life is like in high school.  She did not find the drama show in the movie particularly compelling.  The move shows the class rebel going on with the heartthrob.  Maybe it happens sometimes, my daughter is skeptical that it really happens in high school.  Of course what my daughter does not yet realize at 16, is that it does happen, but it usually has to wait until we are a little older and wiser before we break our stereotypes.

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