Richard Feynman Ê

Elementary Particles and the Laws of Physics : The 1986 Dirac Memorial Lectures
by Steven Weinberg (Photographer), Richard Phillips Feynman, Steve Weinberg
Price: $19.94

Feynman's Lost Lecture : The Motion of Planets Around the Sun
by David Goodstein, Judith Goodstein
Price: $27.99

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Richard Feynman

1918- 1988


Physicist Richard Feynman was a key player in the development of the atomic bomb at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where he worked with some of the greatest physicists of the 20th century, including Bohr, Fermi and Oppenheimer.

His work on quantum electrodynamics led to his sharing the Nobel Prize for physics in 1965. Renowned as a gifted teacher, Feyman's work influenced a generation of younger colleagues.