Fidel Castro Ê


Castro's Final Hour : The Secret Story Behind the Coming Downfall of Communist Cuba
by Andres Oppenheimer
Price: $21.99


Fidel Castro Speeches, 1984-1985 : War and Crisis in the Americas
by Fidel Castro, Michael Tabse (Editor), Michael Taber (Editor), Doug Jenness
Price: $17.94

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Fidel Castro


Cuban Politician

Fidel Castro was educated as a lawyer and began his career as an opponent of Cuban President Batista. In 1954, he led an unsuccessful revolt against Batista and was forced to flee the country. In 1956, he returned with a small invasion force that was also unsuccessful. After waging a guerrilla campaign for two years, he led a large-scale attack against Batista and forced him to flee the country.
Though the US initially supported him, he soon developed strong ties with the USSR, which turned that support into strong opposition. Castro, in power for decades, has been one of the world's last hold-outs as a Communist leader.


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