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This Month in Navy History
January 16, 1780 British Admiral Rodney defeated a fleet of 11 Spanish frigates and thus relieved the siege of Gibraltar.

January 5-9th 1814 - The USS President captures three British vessels in the West Indies: Wanderere, Edward and Jonathan

January 11th 18-20th The USS Enterprises supported by the Rattlesnake seized the Spanish Brigantine, the Isabella that had been captured by the British

January 15th 1815 The USS President ran aground while trying to run the British blockade off Long Island. It is then captured.

January 13th 1942- The submarine USS Searhaven sinks the Japanese cargo ship Shiraha Mura

January 24th 1942- Battle of Makassar Strait- Four US destroyer- the USS Parrott, Paul Jones, John T Ford and Pope pounce on a Japanese troop convoy in the Makassar Straits of the Java Sea. Four Japanese transports are sunk, while the John T Ford is damaged

January 25th 1942- The USS Swordfish sinks the 4,000 ton Myoken Maru off the Celebes Islands

January 27th, 1942 The USS Gudgeon intercepts the Japanese submarine I-173 and sinks it.

January 2, 1943- The USS Grayback SS-208 sinks the I-18 off the Solomon Islands.

January 22nd 1944- The USS Buchanan -DD-484 sinks the RO-37 a Japanese Submarine off the Marshall Islands.

January 26th 1944- The USS Skipjack (SS-184) sinks the Japanese Destroyer the Suzukaze off the Caroline Island.

January 31st 1944 The Submarine Trigger sinks the Japanese Minelayer Nasami. The Destroyer Guest (DD-472) and Hudson (DD-475) sink the Japanese submarine I-171

January 4th 1945- The USS Omaney Bay (CVE-79) is attacked by Kamikaze planes. It is so damaged that it had to be abandoned.

January 6th 1945- Off the Philippine Japanese Kamikaze planes damage the following ships: New Mexico (BB-40), California- (BB-44) Louisville (CA-28) Minneapolis (CA-36) Columbia (CL -56) Richard Leary (DD-664) Allen Summer (DD-692) Walke (DD-723) O'brien (DD-725) and Newcomb (DD-586)

January 23 1945 The Destroyer Escorts Corbesier (DE-438) and Conklin (DE-439) sank the Japanese submarine I-48 off Yap Island.

January 24th 1945 The Submarine Blackfin (SS-322) sinks the Japanese Destroyer Shigure in the Gulf of Siam.

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