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St Simon CVE-51

St. Simon

A sound on the coast of Georgia.

(CVE-51: dp. 9,800; 1. 492' b. 23'3", ew. 69'6", s. 17 k.; a. 2 4", 8 40mm. 15 20mm., 18 act; cl. Casablanca; T. C3-S-A1)

St. Simon (CVE-51) was laid down on 26 April 1943 by the Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Co., under Maritime Commission contract (MC hull 262); launched on 9 September 1943; sponsored by Mrs. R. H. Lewis; and transferred to the United Kingdom on 31 December 1943; and renamed Arbiter. HMS Arbiter performed escort duty on the western approaches to the British Isles and later served as an aircraft ferry for the British Pacific Fleet. She was decommissioned on 3 March 1946 and returned to the custody of the United States at Norfolk, Va., that same day. She was sold in 1948 for mercantile service to the Compania Argentina de Navegacion Dodero and was renamed Coracero.