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(A Former German torpedo boat destroyer: dp. 919; 1. 272'9"; b. 27'6"; dr. 12'6"; s. 33/34 k.; cpl. 105, a.3 4.1", 6 20" tt.; cl. (Ger.) S-l3l)

S-132, a former German torpedo boat destroyer, was built by Schichau at Elbing, Germany, Launched on 19 May 1917; and commissioned in the Imperial German Navy soon thereafter.

She joined the High Seas Fleet and was assigned to VI Torpedo Boat Flotilla, in which she served until interned by the British at Scapa Flow on 22 November 1918, 11 days after the armistice agreement ended World War I. On 21 June 1919, her crew, like the majority of their comrades in the interned German fleet, scuttled their ship. However, S-132 sank in shallow water so that she was afloat again by 19 July. Subsequently turned over to the United States, she was placed in commission on 4 June 1920 at Rosyth, Scotland, for the voyage to America. On 20 August, she was placed out of commission at Norfolk, Va. Almost a year later, on 15 July 1921, S-132 was sunk by the guns of Delaware (BB-28) and Herbert (DD 160) off Cape Henry, Va.