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Historycentral is History's Home on the web. The core of the site is our timeline of world history. Culled from one of MultiEducator's 21 history CD's this time line covers the major events in world history from the dawn of civilization to 2012. Links to other sites on the web as well as other resources on the site are presented in the right margin of the pages.

The second major section of our site is the part devoted to Americas Wars. That section includes the history of every major war in America's history from the Revolutionary War to Iraqi Freedom. These sections include photos and description of the each major event.

The site also features a major section on the elections. This part includes the history of each and every election. The history includes both popular and electoral votes in each election, turnout, as well as a map of the states carried by each competing candidate. The section also includes updates on Election 2012.

Another part of the site is called NationbyNation.com this section includes pages on the economy, population, history, and geography of all the nations of the world. In addition there are updated links and news feeds from the various nations.

The site includes over 2500 primary source documents in American history. From a first hand account of the discovery of the New World by Columbus to address by President Bush, the site provides an excellent insight into American History as seen in original documents.

The biography section of the site includes biographies of the 500 most important people of the 20th century. We are taking nominations for additions to the list. The section also includes biographies of the Presidents and First Ladies of the United States as well as Civil War and Revolutionary War Generals. In addtion there are sections on American of both tne New Nation and Antebellum history of thte US

A major section of the site is our sub-site NavyHistory.com. This site includes the history of every US Attack Carrier, Battleship, Destroyer and Cruiser. We are currently adding other sections. It is our hope to eventually have every US naval ship represented on this site. A key part of the site is the memory section where we are asking those to serve to send us their memories of various events so we can preserve them. It also has a section on This Month in Naval History.

A further section of the site includes the History of Aviation. This section now has information and photos of American Aircraft of World War II. The section will soon expand to include information on aircraft from the Wright Flyer to the Boeing 787.

The site also includes a section on the History of Railroads. This section taken from MultiEductor's History of Railroads today includes photos of railroad section from throughout the US. The site now includes a history of the major events in Railroad history.

The student section will soon include practice tests and help on writing papers.

YOu can go to our corporate site www.multieducator.com to learn about our ever expanding list of iPhone and iPad application and touch books on history

Finally the site will now includes a section on the historic background of events in the news.