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Our Web ads reach a specifically targeted audience, which includes schools, educators, history enthusiasts and students. MultiEducator offers a number of ad types to suit your company's individual needs. (Rates and specifics are listed below).

Ad Dimensions & Pricing

Dimensions Formats Animation Price
Standard Banner 468x60 GIF, JPEG, Flash 3 loops/6 frame max $8 CPM
Side Panel Deluxe 125x480 GIF, JPEG, HTML $7 CPM
Rectangle 125x60 GIF, JPEG None $10 CPM
Text Links N/A Text + URL None $100/mo
Section Sponsor Includes standard banner and side panel on section cover, plus side panel deluxe on most pages of that section. Titles will read, "Sponsored by YourCompany" or "Presented by." $1,650 per month

*This special introductory rate is for sponsors who wish to reach a very specific audience. Newsletter sponsorships reach XXXX people a month and are extremely effective.

Ad Specifications

Ad Acceptance

Advertisements are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Most ads are accepted, but MultiEducator reserves the right to reject any ad campaign because of ad quality, type of media or content being advertised.

Please note that we do not accept the following types of ads: Shockwave, PNG, RealAudio, RealVideo, Microsoft Windows Media, QuickTime, dHTML, and any other type of medium that requires any sort of browser plug-in.

Ad Delivery and Terms

We can begin to deliver ads one day after an insertion order/payment is received. We accept all form of credit card, paypal or insertion orders from recognized advertising agencies. We will accept campaigns starting at $100.

All text and GIF or JPEG banners must be received at least 4 business days prior to placement. Timeframes subject to change based on any technical difficulties. GIF and JPEG banners must be delivered to MultiEducator by email. A specific URL (click-through destination) must be included with every banner, along with a banner name. Please provide 25 characters of ALT text to be included with the ad. 

Available Web Sites

MultiEducator has several Web sites with available advertising space. Our flagship site,, accepts all the ad types mentioned above. Other sites such as accept all types except Flash and Java applets. The following detailed list of MultiEducator Web sites and acceptable content should help you make a decision of what kind of ad package you wish to purchase.

Site-by-Site Comparison
Type Educational & Historical Reference Historical Reference & Naval Community
Special Features Comprehensive timelines, primary source documents, biographies and rich media. Includes nation-by-nation almanac and year in review sections. Complete histories of over 1,000 naval vessels, a unique place to post personal memories, and ship rosters.
Target Audience Students and teachers of history; history enthusiasts. Currents and former sailors, navy buffs, students.
Page Views Per Month
Ad Types Accepted GIF & JPEG Banners, Text Links, Section Sponsorships, Email Sponsorships, Flash, Java Applets. GIF & JPEG Banners, Text Links, Section Sponsorships, Email Sponsorships.
Volume 10,000+ Pages 5000+ Pages

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