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Recent History

6/3/2008 Obama Democratic Nominee for President

2/18/2008- Fidel Castro Resigns

2/17/2008- Kosovo Declare Independence

12/27/2007- Bhutto Assassinated

5/6/2007- Sarkozy Elected President of France

8/22/2005 Israel Withdraws from Gaza Settlements

7/8/2005 G-8 Promises aid to Africa

7/7/2005 Bombings in London

6/28/2005 Bush speaks to the nation on Iraq

6/1/2005 The Dutch reject European Constitution

5/29/2005 French Voters Reject European Constitution. Analysis by Marc Schulman

5/27/2005 Suicide Bomber Kills 20 in Pakistan

5/19/2005- US AIR and American West to Merge

5/17/2005- First Hispanic Mayor in Modern Los Angeles History