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Europe 1900-2005
1900-Bernhard von Bulow, German Chancellor
1901-Queen Victoria Dies
1901-Social Revolutionary Party Founded in Russia
1903-Entente Cordiale Established
1903-King and Queen of Serbia Murdered
1903-Russian Socialist Party Splits Into Two
1903-Turks Massacre Bulgarians
1905-Greeks Revolt in Crete
1905-Revolts in Russia
1905-Norway Separates From Sweden
1906-Reform in Russia
1906-Battleship Dreadnought Launched
1906-Universal Suffrage in Finland
1907-Peace Conference at the Hague
1908-Austria Annexes Bosnia and Herzegovina
1908-Young Turks Revolt
1908-King Carlos and Crown Prince Assassinated
1908-Bulgaria Declares Independence
1909-Sultan Abdul Deposed
1909-Martial Law in Spain
1910-Revolution in Portugal
1911-Tripolitan War
1913-Balkan War Resumed
1913-Suffragettes in England
1913-Second Balkan War
1914-Archduke Francis Ferdinand Assassinated
1914-Austria Declares War on Serbia
1914-Germany Declares War
1914-Germany Invades Belgium
1917-Russian Revolution (Pt. I)
1917-Lenin Returns To Russia
1917-Bolshevik Revolution
1918-Wilson Announces 14 Point Plan
1918-Treaty of Brest Litovsk
1918-German Army Mutinies, Wilhelm II Abdicates, WWI Ends
1919-Versailles Peace Conference
1919-White Russian Army Defeated
1919-Russo-Polish War
1920-Finland Gains Independence From USSR
1920-Ireland Granted Home Rule
1922-Irish Free State Established
1922-Mussolini Seized Power in Italy
1923-France Occupies The Ruhr
1923-Munich Beer Putsch
1924-Lenin Dies
1925-Locarno Conference
1929-Stalin Enforces "Forced Collectivization"
1931-2nd Spanish Republic
1932-Lausanne Conference
1933-Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany- His Rise to Power The Origiins of the German Anti-Semitism
1933-Dachau Established
1934-Night of Long Knives
1934-King of Yugoslavia Assassinated
1934-Unrest in Austria, Dolfuss Assassinated
1934-Sergei Kirov Shot-Stalin Begins Purges
1935-Saar Becomes Part of Germany
1935-Germany Rejects Versailles Treaty
1936-Italy Invades Ethiopia
1936-Spanish Civil War Breaks Out
1936-Hitler Denounced Locarno Pact, Occupies Rhineland
1937-Italia-German Axis Announced
1937-Soviet High Command Purged
1938-Munich Agreement
1938-Kristallnacht in Germany
1939-Madrid Surrenders
1939-Germans Enter Prague
1939-Soviet Germany Non-Aggression Treaty
1939-Germany Invades Poland
1946-Republican Government Organized in Italy
1946-Verdicts at Nuremberg
1946-Greeks Vote For Return of Monarchy
1947-Truman Doctrine
1947-Marshall Plan Unvieled
1948-Communists Take Over Czechoslovakia
1948-Berlin Blockaded
1948-Soviets Recall Advisors From Yugoslavia
1949-Federal Republic Of Germany Created
1949-Ireland Becomes Independent
1949-NATO Founded
1949-Soviets Explode Atomic Bomb
1952-Czechoslovakia's Slanky Executed For High Treason
1952-King George VI Dies, Elizabeth Crowned Queen
1953-Stalin Dies
1954-Four Power Meeting (Berlin)
1955-Germany Becomes Member of NATO
1955-Vienna Treaty Restores Austrian Independence
1955-Geneva Summit
1956-Soviet Troops March Into Hungary
1957-Rome Treaty, Common Market Established
1957-Sputnik Launched By Russians
1958-Imry Nagy Executed in Hungary
1960-Failed Summit in Paris
1960-EFTA Formed
1961- French Approve Referendum o Algeria
1961-Vienna Summit
1961-Berlin Wall Constructed
1963-French Veto Britain's Joining Common Market
1967-Military Coup in Greece
1968-Rioting in France
1968-Spring Summer in Czechoslovakia
1969-Juan Carlos Succeeds Franco
1969-Non-Proliferation Agreement Signed
1969-Violence in Northern Ireland
1972- Summit Meeting in Washington
1972-Arab Terrorists Murder 11 Athletes at the Olympic Games
1972-Britain Takes Direct Control Over Northern Ireland
1974-Willy Brandt of West Germany Forced to Resign
1974-Military Government of Greece Resigns
1974-Military Coup in Portugal
1974-Revolt in Cyprus, Turkey Invades
1975-Franco Dies, Juan Carlos Takes Over
1979-SALT II
1980-Strikes Across Poland
1981-Pope John Paul II Shot Twice
1981-Mitterand Elected French Premier
1981-Martial Law in Poland
1983-US Deploys Pershing Missiles- Soviets Walk Out of Talks
1985-Gorbachev Becomes Soviet Leader
1986-Soviets Free Scharansky
1986-Soviet Nuclear Disaster at Chernobyl
1986-Portugal and Spain Enter The Common Market
1987-Gorbachev Campaigns for Glasnost and Perostroika
1987-Reagan and Gorbachev Meet in Washington
1988- Gorbachev Announced Unilateral Troop Cuts
1989- Free Election Held For Soviet Congress of Deputies
1989-Solidarity Wins Election in Poland
1989-Berlin Wall Comes Down
1989-Havel Becomes President of Czechoslovakia
1989-Nicole Ceausecu Deposed in Romania
1990-Yeltsin President of Russian Federation
1990-Germany United
1991-Failed Kremlin Coup
1991-USSR Comes to a Formal End
1992-Civil War Begins in Former Yugoslavia
1994-NATO Shoots Down Serb Aircraft
1996-Elections in Bosnia
1998-Northern Ireland Peace Agreement
1999-War in Kosovo
2001- Slobodan Milosevic Forced Out
2004- Madrid Terror Bombing
2004- Ten Nations Join the EU
2005- France and the Netherlands reject EU constitution
2005- London Bombed